1. What is Singular J?

Singular J is a blockchain-powered entertainment platform created to help independent artists reach a wider, more global audience.


2. What does the SNGJ token do?

The SNGJ token is a utility token. SNGJ holders will be able to support artists on the Singular J platform by using SNGJ tokens to purchase their content. In the future, Singular J plans to add additional ways to support your favorite artists, including using SNGJ tokens to unlock a premium subscription token from your favorite artists on the Singular J platform.

3. How does the Singular J ecosystem work?

The Singular J ecosystem revolves around the Singular J content platform. There, users will be able to purchase, buy or rent movies, music, TV shows, comedy specials, podcasts, and more using SNGJ tokens. A portion of each purchase made on the Singular J platform will go towards “burning” SNGJ tokens, or reducing the total supply of SNGJ tokens in existence.

4. What is the current project status of Singular J?

Singular J was in development for two years as a standalone independent project. Unfortunately, during that time the crypto markets fell dramatically until recently when the project was not deemed viable as an independent entity. Since then, SingularDTV has been hard at work developing its own products (in particular Breaker and early work on the snglsDAO)



5. What are the goals of Singular J?

Singular J’s goals are to identify promising up-and-coming artists for the Asian market and partner with them to provide a new, blockchain-enabled revenue streams to support their art.



6. Will there be a website, roadmap and an updated whitepaper?

You’re looking at it. We will update this site and post updates to Telegram, Twitter, and the Singular J blog as we release more information.



7. Is SNGJ currently listed on exchanges?

Yes, SNGJ is currently available for purchase on ZG.com and LA Token. The team is currently investigating whether any additional centralized exchange listings or decentralized exchange listings might benefit the project.


8. What was the total amount gathered via TGE?

The TGE raised approximately 23,182 ETH.


9. What happened to Def Tech? Are they still part of the project like was suggested in the whitepaper?

Early on, Singular J attempted to negotiate a deal with Def Tech, but unfortunately it did not work out. Singular J does not anticipate working with Def Tech again at this time. Instead, Singular J is more focused on using its platform to discover and promote the next Def Tech rather than working only with established artists.



10. Are there any celebrities we can anticipate that will use the Singular J platform?

Singular J will launch a channel with licensed content, including the blockchain documentary TRUST MACHINE: THE STORY OF BLOCKCHAIN, directed by acclaimed documentarian Alex Winter and narrated by actress Rosario Dawson, and PERFECT, a science fiction film executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. Ultimately, Singular Japan is excited to find new content from artists who aren’t yet celebrities and help them to elevate their careers and reach new fans.



11. What is the relationship between Singular J and CTIA/SDTV?

During the TGE, CTIA was responsible for sales and reaching out to potential SNGJ purchasers. SingularDTV would contribute its technology and content to the Singular J project. Now, Singular J is being more closely tied to SingularDTV, and CTIA will not have responsibilities moving forward.



12. Who are members of Singular J? Have the members changed in the last two years?

Originally, Singular J was to be set up as an independent company with a board that consisted of members from SingularDTV and CTIA. Individuals were hired specifically to work on Singular J, but unfortunately due to rapidly falling crypto prices, they were limited in what they could achieve. The Singular J project is now operating as a strategic partner of SingularDTV and will utilize SingularDTV’s existing personnel.


13. Are there any similar projects (entertainment projects using blockchain) and how does Singular J differ from them? 

While there are other blockchain entertainment projects, Singular J enjoys a unique advantage by being associated with SingularDTV. No other blockchain entertainment project has delivered a functional content platform with a full rights and royalties smart contract backend (www.breaker.io). Singular J plans to take things a step further by building out the functionality to pay for content using the SNGJ token and use the platform technology to burn SNGJ.

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